“Infinite in the Finite” is an extension of my artist practice that revolves around inks and watercolours. Inspired by Stan Brakhage’s Stellar (1993) and Mothlight (1963), I saw the possibility to push my practice onto film to create representations of the infinite universe on a finite medium, 8mm film. Brakhage uses additive techniques such as painting, drawing and sticking to create intricate patterns within his works that give his audience new insights into how film and scale be manipulated. Brakhage did this through Stellar by painting on 8mm film to create and artistic representation of the cosmos and through Mothlight by sticking small insect wings onto film to distort their proportions. I took these main ideas and incorporated them into my film to find new interesting patterns within my film frames. I used freeze frames to draw attention to particular scenes and juxtaposed them by playing other sections in real time and layering multiple layers of film together, creating a dense cluster of images. The freeze frames are a representation of all that we think we know about the universe while the moving footage is everything that we cannot begin to comprehend.
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