“Inhale, Exhale”

This was a short film I created for a second year media arts university assignment. I shot and edited the film and briefed a piano player to create the soundtrack. Find the short film below as well as my artist statement.

Inhale, Exhale is a response to Sue Healey’s The Door, Chair, Bed & Stair that is an exploration of the multiple layers of movement within architectural structures. My film revolves around Healey’s statement of describing her work as “A meditation on space, rhythm and form” for this triggered images of mediative waves and the different rhythms and forms they can create. The footage was filmed around North Beach Wollongong and the focus was to create interesting and intriguing shots that would be enhanced through framing and cropping in postproduction.
My past experience in video editing drove this piece and pushed me to find new meaning within my clips by presenting them in certain formats, e.g. mirrored, flipped and scaled. In Healey’s documentation of her installation, she chose to use four fixed panels to play her clips to best represent her architectural spaces. In my film however, I decided to change the size and placement of my four panels to better reflect the organic nature of my ocean footage.
The music for this film was inspired by Bart Celestino and Stefan Duscio’s film A Romance of Many Dimensions, showcased at Semi Permanent 2015. With the help of a piano player, we recorded and composed our own rendition of the piece.
Inhale, Exhale takes Healey’s architectural installation and breaths in new life to explore the forms and rhythms that can be found throughout nature, particularly the ocean.
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