This analogue photography series was shot, developed and edited by myself for a first year visual arts assignment focusing on photography. The brief was to explore the ‘uncanny’ through an analogue photo series. Find the complete series and my artist statement below.

This 5 piece photography series takes inspiration from the works of Cindy Sherman in her series Untitled Film Stills, Jacques-André Boiffard’s Big Toe series and Man Ray’s Countess Casasti. I have implemented a part of Sherman’s practice that she uses in her Untiled Film Stills; leaving the photographs untitled, therefore creating no narrative within the images. I combined this with inspiration from how Boiffard isolates his subject and takes them out of their context to create an “other being”. I made the conscious decision to take photographs of objects that do not relate to one another when put together, therefore leaving it up to the audience to form their own narrative. It is this uncertainty of what the images are and what they mean which makes the images uncanny or unhomely. To layer different images together, I used multiple exposures that allowed me to create visually interesting yet confusing images. Man Ray used this technique of double exposure in his photograph Countess Casasti to distort and augment his models face.
The objects in these photographs is not what makes this series uncanny, it is the combination of not titling the work, taking locations and objects out of their context, creating random connections with different objects in my images and combining the images using multiple exposures that creates uncertainty and discomfort to the audience.
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